Altered Focus

09 Mar

Have you ever bought a new car, possibly a brand or model you’ve never even paid attention to before, and then found that the moment you drive it away, you notice ALL of the cars just like the one you have bought?

In the past you never saw them, hadn’t ever noticed them on the road before. But now you see them everywhere!

Well if you’ve experienced this, you’re not alone. It’s actually a recognised phenomenon where the brain seeks evidence to support it’s own theories, such as the car you bought is the coolest car and loads of people want to own one. The other thing your brain is doing, is simply noticing more of what it is focussing on – namely, the new car you just bought.

I’ve done a fair but of study about this sort of thing so I have known about this behaviour for awhile. What I didn’t know (or think about) was the fact that it would apply to pregnant women too!

I’m not talking about thinking pregnant women would be immune to this behaviour, I’m talking about noticing pregnant women EVERYWHERE!!!!

Ever since we made the decision to get pregnant this year I have seen EVERY pregnant women in my city. No seriously, I have!!! They have ALL walked past me at least once. And they are everywhere. I…..SEE…..PREGNANT……PEOPLE.

Obviously my brain is now so focussed on the idea of getting pregnant that it is looking for evidence everywhere of people who have gone before me. Ok Brain! I get the idea. Enough with the pregnant women.

I have to admit to being just a little bit envious when I see these women (or sometimes girls) and I get all romantic about how great they must feel being pregnant. Yes, I delude myself. It’s ok, I already know this. When I see a big belly walking past me I get even more excited about the journey that is ahead of me. I choose not to think about how uncomfortable Ms Pregnant might be, or how much she is wishing her pregnancy was over with. I’ll worry about that when it’s me and I’m feeling that way. For now, I like my sugar coated, glossy version just fine thank you.

I wonder if I will still notice all the pregnant ladies when I myself am pregnant. Or will my attention move to the resulting babies that have come from all these pregnant women I am seeing lately? I don’t know, but I will let you all know when I do.

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