Strange Milestones

13 Mar

Before I get into this post, I know, long before you have to tell me, that I could be building myself up for disappointment.

Now that I have put that out there, let me tell you about the sorts of strange, somewhat silly and pre-emptive milestones that I have been marking.

Since deciding we want to have a baby, I have become obsessed with the planning and the countdown to the moment we get pregnant. If you’ve read my earlier posts you’ll know that the whole build up to us getting pregnant is orchestrated and strategised, for reasons that you’ll learn more about in those posts. And in line with that planning, there are milestones we are reaching that I can’t help but point out. Such is the excitement about when the time is finally here to begin trying for our baby.

We have had the countdown milestones – 1 year until we can try, 1 month until we can try.

We have had the preparation milestones – making the booking to have my Mirena removed and starting the intense saving plan.

And we have the milestones that are silly and best left in ones head, unless that is if you blog or have an EXTREMELY open and frank relationship with your husband – the “this will be my last period for a while (hopefully)” milestone.

Yes, I’m actually now counting down periods, or to be more accurate, the number of periods I ASSUME I have left, also ASSUMING we are both super fertile and able to make babies at the wink of an eye (and the head gesture that says “get upstairs to the bedroom”).

I could be SO wrong and I know that. It’s just SO hard to not be SO excited about something we have talked about for SO long and will soon be able to get on with.

My darling husband just smiles at me, well aware of the odd and random ways my mind can work, and agrees that this could be it for a while. He’s such an agreeable darling and I love him for it.

What he didn’t smile at quite as much was my next milestone – “And did you know that the next time we have sex will be the time before we have sex to MAKE A BABY!”

I don’t think my assumption that we’ll only manage one single rendezvous more before THE EVENT  was quite as endearing.

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