Putting In An Order

19 Mar

We started talking to my step son early on about the fact that a baby will be coming into our home. We wanted to prepare him and get him used to the idea that he won’t be an only child for long and will soon need to share us with another little being.

He is so excited about the idea and talks constantly about his sibling-to-be. I think he finds it hard sometimes being on his own with only us to play with, although Dad is a pretty good stand in. He does an excellent job of being playmate, father, disciplinarian, short order cook, taxi driver, cricket-football-rugby coach and teammate 16 hours a day.

During one of our many conversations about the baby we started talking about names. What did step son think we should call the baby? (Yes, we are already thinking about names. I know, don’t say it.)

Every name he gave us was a boys name. Riley, Cooper, James, Ryan and so on. Not a single girls name in the list.

“So what if you get a sister instead of a brother?” I asked.

Step son screwed his face up and then stated “I don’t need a sister, I’ve already got two and they are both annoying”

Step son does in fact have one sister already (his two includes the dog who he counts as his sister – bless!). He has a half sister and while he adores her, they have a typical brother/sister relationship, fraught with drama, fighting and tears. Sisters are annoying.

“I don’t want a sister” step son carries on, “I want a brother. You have to have a boy”

Ok, now the pressure is on!

I really don’t mind what we have, as long as our baby is healthy and happy. And yes, I really mean that. I’m not wishing specifically for one or the other, but apparently someone is.

“Well your Dad is the one that gets to decide” I throw out there, quick as that, deflecting all responsibility. My gorgeous husband looks at me quizzically.

“Dad gets to choose whether we have a boy or a girl. He puts the order in.” Perhaps a simplified 6 year old appropriate explanation of which partner determines the sex of the child will help.

Step son is right on top of it and any manipulation is ripe for this serious situation, “Dad, if you love me, you’ll order a boy.”

Well, I think the request is clear. A boy child please.

Oh dear, I don’t know how we are going to swing this but there is going to be one seriously disappointed 6 year old if we can’t.

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