I know it’s always nice to find a photo on an About page, of the person who’s blog you are reading. I personally always like to put a face to the writing, the stories and the personal tidbits. I like to learn more about the person I am reading about.

Sorry, but for now there won’t be a photo on this page. I will tell you a bit about myself but for now I want to keep my identity private. As you read through my posts you’ll discover why and once my story progresses to a certain point I will be able to reveal who I am. I hope you don’t mind and will read anyway. I promise, all will be revealed.

So who am I?

I am a 34 year old wife, step mother, executive, friend, home owner, pet lover, cook, writer, cheese maker, gardener, learner, blogger.

In the last 2 years my life has been through a number of twists and turns that have led me to rethink many of the roles, beliefs, values and opinions that I always held.

This in turn has led me in all sorts of new and exciting directions including the entirely new one of planning to be a Mummy!

I hope you join me on this scary, new journey as I navigate my way through a completely unexpected life plan and the possible road ahead. Thank you for reading.


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