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Getting Prepared

There’s only 4 weeks left until we start trying to get pregnant.

You might be wondering why we have such a set timeline. There’s really only 1 reason and that is my job. I am currently in the middle of a $2 million project that I have been working on for 3 years and I want to see it to the end, after all the hard work I have done. I just wouldn’t feel right leaving part way through, and to be completely honest. The bonus incentive will help us immensely once we have a new little mouth to feed and I’m not working.

So, we revisited our plans to start trying last December on our honeymoon and have planned it out so that I can see the project out and leave work at the end of the year.

That’s assuming it all goes to plan…..

We don’t know how long it’s going to take, or if we can even get pregnant but that’s the timeline at this stage and there isn’t really any pressure as long as I get the project done. If it happens later, so be it.

In the meantime, before we get fully into the fun part of trying I am popping back vitamins, iron and folic acid like an addict! At first I completely snubbed the whole Elevit path after reading various reports on it that suggested it wasn’t worth all the cash. I went to my doctor and even asked her about it and her suggestion was to just get some folic acid into my system. I am pretty healthy with a good diet and regular exercise habits so she didn’t feel I would need much else.

As the month before trying came around though I decided to just insure myself a little more against not having my body most prepared and investigated natural products that would bump up all my vitamin and mineral levels, as well as making sure my iron levels are normal. After a bit of research I found a product that I felt suited me and went and picked some up.

The first night I opened the box and woah! Horse tablets! I wasn’t expecting that but got on with swallowing them back for the greater good. And every night since I slug back the water, washing those monsters down so that I’m all good for baby growing.

As well as the pill popping I have also cut back on sugar even more, have been eating a lot more fruit and vegetables, cut back the coffee and the alcohol and have been exercising more so that my body is in good shape to carry a baby. It strikes me as slightly ironic that I am going to be in the best shape I have been in for the past 5 years, just to fatten it up with a bubba but what better reason?

So the countdown is on and it feels a little odd to be planning this all so strategically but then I guess that will hardly be surprising to my friends and family who know how organised I like to be. It was never going to be an ‘Ops!’ thing for me.

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